Blast from the Past #12

About Us

Frankton Heritage Days (FHD) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization in Frankton, IN. Our

Board organizes an annual festival on the 3rd weekend of September along with many other family-friendly events and fundraisers throughout the year. One of our goals each year is to partner with other not-for-profits, civic organizations, businesses, schools, extra-curricular programs, and local churches. Another goal

is to promote and improve our local festival and encourage community service.

About Our Board Members

Our Board consists of 8 persons, elected by our membership (any citizen, 18 years or older, living in or an alumnus of the Frankton-Lapel school

district wishing to promote or volunteer at our Annual Festival) and the Past President.

Find our complete bylaws here:

2021-2022 FHD Board Contact List

President: Aaron Hymes 765-425-7135

Past-President: Jeff Alexander 765-617-9863

Vice-President: Levi Alexander 765-610-2983

Treasurer: Natasha Pulley 765-635-4048

Secretary: Vacant

Board Members:

Jeff Swigeart 765-278-5607

Stacie Pickering 765-606-6371 (Building Rental)

Jenni Effinger 317-440-1341

Chris Litsey 765-623-4191

Zach Burger 765-438-6265


Mark Baker 765-635-5290

Jason McCorkle 765-425-2572


Parade/shuttle driver contact: Heather Alexander

Vendor contact: Brenda Alexander 765-617-9864

Entertainment: Johnny Croy 765-749-9001