Frankton Heritage Days Rental Agreement

Call for questions, and call to schedule a date to rent the building. You must call to Schedule

Alcoholic Beverages of any kind are prohibited from being used or served with the rental of the building.

Due to the fire safety code, the building is limited to 50 people. The designated doors marked with an exit cannot be blocked as well during your event.

Groups are to be limited to the front area of the building only

If additional chairs or tables are needed, they are located inside the door in our storage area. However, all extra chairs and tables need to be placed in their original places. Please leave the room set up as it was prior to rental.


Checks need to made payable to Frankton Heritage Days Festival. However, any returned or canceled checks will be charged an additional $30.


The renter must remove all trash, and please take it with you when leaving. (The dumpster behind the building does not belong to Frankton Heritage Days Festival).

All dishes, linens, pots & pans, etc, are not provided; however, if they are used, please clean the utensils, store them, and leave wet towels or cloths in the sink.


No tape is allowed on the walls and doors. However, you may use the hooks from the ceiling and above the door openings. We encourage tabletop decorations. Please leave the building as you found or better and don’t forget to leave the key please!

Renter Responsibilities 

  1. Arrangements must be made in advance with Brenda Alexander (765-617-9864) to have the building ready and a time must be made with your call to meet you at the building. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 2 days prior to the day you are scheduled to rent the building,
  2. All tables and chairs should be cleaned if soiled and be left as prior to rental.
  3. Floors must be swept, the rug at the front door swept, and the floor mopped if needed after your event.
  4. Please sweep the bathroom, empty the trash, flush the toilet, and turn off the light.
  5. Please lower the heat/air to 66 before leaving.
  6. Kitchen counters must be left neat and clean; please wash anything you borrow.
  7. Please take the trash, replace the bags in the receptacles, and take the trash with you.
  8. Frankton Heritage Days Festival will check the facility; additional fees will be charged if found unsatisfactory.
  9. Any damage that occurs will be charged to the renter. Please note that Frankton Heritage Days Festival is not responsible for any accidents that may occur.
  10. The festival reserves the right to refuse the use of the building to those who do not adhere to the guidelines.
  11. The front of the building is the area that is rented. The renter is responsible for keeping visitors in the front part of the building.
  • Whole Building Rental for 1 day $500.00
  • Front with Kitchen $75
  • Please pay with cash or checks
  • made out to Frankton Heritage Days Festival.
  • Rent money paid is refundable if canceled within 14 days.