Frankton Heritage Days Rental Agreement

There will be NO BEER OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES served or used on the premises. Smoking is prohibited inside the building. Any group not enforcing these rules will lose rental privileges.

Due to fire safety code, no doorways marked with an exit sign can be blocked at any time.

Groups are restircted to areas specified on the contract.


A signed contract and $25.00 security deposit must be returned to Frankton Heritage Days by the date specified on the contract to confirm date.

Checks should be made payable to Frankton Heritage Days. Damage/clean-up deposit will be returned if no breakage or damage occurs, no rules are violated, and clean-up is complete

Renter will be billed for cleaning of damage amount if amount exceeds deposit.


All trash must be removed from premises. Deposit mentioned will not be returned unless clean-up is completed to the satisfaction of Frankton Heritage Days.

Dishes, linens, pots and pans, etc. will not be provided.

Renter Responsibilities

  1. Arrangements must be made in advance with Jeff Alexander to have building unlocked and ready for the group. You may contact, (765) 617-9863, or email jbalex Call no later than two (2) days in advance and the facilities will be ready pending payment and security deposit.
  2. Table and chairs are to be wiped down and placed neatly on carts provided.
  3. Floors must be swept and mopped if spills occur.
  4. Bathrooms must be swept, stool flushed and lights turned off.
  5. Kitchen must be left neat and clean.
  6. Put trash in bags and remove from building
  7. Lock all doors and turn off lights before leaving building.
  8. The facility will be checked by Frankton Heritage Days.
  9. If clean-up is not satisfactory or timely, a portion or all of the security deposit will be withheld.
  10. Any damages that occur to facilities will be charged to renter.
  11. We reserve the right to refuse the use of the building to those that do not adhere to the guidelines.
  12. When specific areas are rented the renter must limit their activity to the designated area. It is the renter’s responsibility to keep guest out of not-rented areas. Failure to comply could result in additional rental fees being charged.

Building Rental Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Whole Building for 1 day: $350.00 plus $50.00 Security Deposit
Front Part with Kitchen: $50.00 plus $25.00 Security Deposit
Security Deposit is refundable if Building is clean and no Damage
Make Checks payable to Frankton Heritage Days and return to Jeff Alexander
Failure to make payment within 14 days will make the reservation null and void. Rent money paid and the security deposit are refundable, provided the reservations are cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to the reservation date.