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Mailing Address:

Frankton Heritage Days Festival

PO BOX 609

Frankton, In. 46044

General Inquiries:

Phone: 765-610-6220


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2022-2023 FHD Board Contact List

  • President: Heather Alexander | 765-610-6220 |
  • Past President: Aaron Hymes
  • Vice President: Chris Litsey
  • Treasurer: Natasha Pulley
  • Secretary: Brenda Alexander

Board Members (8 seats-2 year term):

  • Stacie Pickering (Building Rental):
  • Josh Starr

Alternatives (2 seats-1 year each):

  • Jeff Swigeart
  • Vacancy

Volunteers/ Coordinators:

  • Entertainment: Johnny Croy

Please be aware that there is currently a lot of road construction around the festival grounds. For info about parking, please visit our parking page. Call Heather at 765-610-6220 if you want detour instructions. Thanks!