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Mailing Address:

Frankton Heritage Days Festival

c/o Jeff Alexander

PO Box 272

Frankton, In. 46044

General Inquiries:

Phone: 765-617-9863


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2021-2022 FHD Board Contact List

President: Aaron Hymes 765-425-7135

Past-President: Jeff Alexander 765-617-9863

Vice-President: Levi Alexander 765-610-2983

Treasurer: Natasha Pulley 765-635-4048

Secretary: Vacant

Board Members:

Jeff Swigeart 765-278-5607

Stacie Pickering 765-606-6371 (Building Rental)

Jenni Effinger 317-440-1341

Chris Litsey 765-623-4191

Zach Burger 765-438-6265


Mark Baker 765-635-5290

Jason McCorkle 765-425-2572


Parade/shuttle driver contact: Heather Alexander

Vendor contact: Brenda Alexander 765-617-9864

Entertainment: Johnny Croy 765-749-9001